Monday, 17 November 2008

The Phantoms

The Stuby Kaye"Silver Star Show".
left to right; Dave Adcocks,Mick Taylor,Paul Cheshire and Kelvin Wilson.


Brian said...

I remember the Phantoms. I was in a band called The Crestas from Ledbury and a competition between our two bands had been arranged at the Foley Arms at Tarrington. We were there playing when The Phantoms turned up but unfortunately one of their number was taken ill or something so they couldn't join in. We did get an offer off their manager though to take us on, but we declined. I must admit that we were in awe of them a little. I mean, a manager too??? They would have beaten us anyway since we were short of a bass player. We didn't think we needed one at the time until someone put us right. So I was chosen to play bass.
The Phantoms? Good band.
Brian Morris ex Crestas bassist

editor1 said...

Anyone remember the Swinging Jaguars?
A little earlier than the phantoms.